Breathe’s Research department is fully committed to further establishing the link between music and the mind. We believe that music not only entertains or conveys messages, it also heals. In this endeavor we work closely with health care agencies, universities and other research facilities.

How we help.

The mind

The first step in our research is to look critically at the situation we are trying to have an effect on. Who are we trying to help? How is audio currently integrated into their environment? What do we hope to achieve? Once this has been answered, we create a hypothesis and research plan combining the questions with existing knowledge and research.

The music

Once the research has been outlined and the scope of the project has been calculated, we start to integrate music and audio. This could be music we create, music we curate, or a combination of the two. Once we have tested to find the right sound for the situation, we finalise the production and roll out to a final implementation.

Whether you want to plan in a meeting, or just drop by for a coffee, you’re always more than welcome.