To get a production to sound right, there needs to be more than just music. The balance between music, dialogue and sound effects is a critical element of any audio-visual production. We ensure that voices and sounds are captured and treated in a way that generates the highest level of quality, no matter where they are captured. If you need a sound engineer on set, sound effects  or voice recordings, Breathe Audio can help.

Our services

Set recording

We have experienced boom operators and sound engineers to professionally capture your on set audio.

Voice over / dialogue

We don't just record your voice-over, but make sure your artist gets the best direction and guidance possible, to ensure a captivating performance.

SFX / Foley

We bring your product to a higher level by ensuring that everything you hear is perfectly matched with what you see.

Whether you want to plan in a meeting, or just drop by for a coffee, you’re always more than welcome.