About us

Music is integrated into our everyday lives. Almost everyone will hear some music within a space of 24 hours. Our sense of sound is constantly being stimulated. The effect music has on us is acknowledged as a key factor in focus, motivation, emotional stimulation, just to name a few.

At Breathe Audio, we focus our efforts on tuning into this effect through the way of research and composition. We look at what music can do to a listener in a specific setting, and we optimise it.

Our team

adam butler

Adam is a music researcher, creative consultant and composer. He understands that there is a greater power to music, that can be used to help people. He approaches music with a focus on the human effects. The ears are the highway to the mind. This is Adam's fascination.

tom hoesstee

Tom is a composer, producer, songwriter and music researcher. He believes that the true harmony in music comes from the perfect combination of what you hear, what you see, and most importantly what you feel. There is always a story to be told. Music is the language Tom uses.

Whether you want to plan in a meeting, or just drop by for a coffee, you’re always more than welcome.